Circumcision Procedure :

Mr.Roy performs circumcision procedures, both initial ones and revisions of a prior circumcision procedure. His intent is to achieve the best outcome safety wise and cosmetic appearance wise for his patients. He also respects specific individual cosmetic views and preferneces  which patients may be seeking.

Mr.Roy utilises different surgical methods of circumcision. The sleeve resection method is his favourite but he does select the surgical method according to patient needs. This involves incisions made with a scalpel in both the outer and mucosal surfaces of the foreskin, in order to remove it.

Any bleeding is stopped with care and skill sometimes involving the use of electrocautery. The procedure is completed without sutures with bonding glue or suture closure of the incision with interrupted, fine, absorbable sutures. The needle utilized for skin suturing is an atraumatic cosmetic surgery one. Additional incision closure is with paper wound closure tapes to further reduce tension on the wound edges and more accurately reapproximate the skin edges. Finally, a light compression dressing is placed. All these steps are done with the intent of optimising rapid healing of tissues and the scar.  Details of post procedure care is explained and discussed both before and after the procedure.

Procedure 1
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