Shang Ring Circumcision

The Shang Ring is a unique circumcision device and is well tested and safe. There is no suturing of the foreskin. The device consists of two parts (rings). The outer ring applies constant pressure to the foreskin, which prevents bleeding. The device must remain on the penis for 7 days.


The main benefits of the Shang Ring are:

  • reduced pain
  • minimal bleeding
  • requires no stitching
  • requires no bandages
  • showering as normal during recovery
  • minimal time off work needed
  • no stitching marks


Shang Ring has been proven to be a very effective method of circumcision. The Excellence Medical Circumcision Clinic is the only clinic in Ireland to offer Shang Ring circumcision.

Bill Gates talks about Shang Ring Circumcision

Shang Ring Circumcision


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