What are the risks of a Vasectomy?

Getting a vasectomy is usually a safe procedure. But like all medical procedures, there can be some risks. Things like temporary pain and bruising, are not uncommen.

Possible risks with vasectomy include:

1. Bleeding where the skin was cut (but this usually stops on its own).

2. Hematoma  under the skin that may cause temporary swelling or bruising. It usually goes away on its own. Putting ice packs  can help.

3. Swelling is usually by the trauma  of operation but can also be caused by sperm leaking from the vas deferens. It usually goes away on its own.

4. Temporary pain or discomfort are common. A prescribed or over-the-counter pain medicine should be taken and wearing supportive underwear that doesn’t let testicles hang, helps. Long-term pain is very uncommon, but possible.

5. Failure of procedure – Very rarely, the cut ends of your vas deferens grow back together, which can allow pregnancy to happen.

6. Chronic testicular pain or chronic congestive epididymitis is a rare complication.

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